Pete has always been interested in video film,music and recording since he was young. He has recalled remembering watching the VU meters and still does) on his parents new tape recording machine, as he talked into the microphone, and watching the cassette tape reels move round and round.(pete owns 3 reel to reel tape machines) He remembers wanting a video camera in my early years. Pete  bought his first video camera in 2003.

It really started out when Pete got my first keyboard in the late 80's, it was a Realistic Concert mate Sampler(still have it). He could sample only seconds of sound, but it kept me entertained for hours. Then Pete bought a Bass Guitar in 1997(STOLEN), having no idea how to play it, and did not even have an amp.

Pete needed an amp for my bass, so he bought a used guitar amp some vintage effect pedals were included. Realizing it was a guitar amp( it was worth it for the effect pedals (still has the delay pedal), Pete eventually bought a bass amp years later. In 1998 Pete received another keyboard, it was a Casio 128 key MIDI keyboard.

Pete went to college at both Eastern Kentucky University and Vincennces University respectfully. Pete started experimenting with synthesizer programs like Rebirth,Absynth and Reason 2.0. Using Cool Edit Pro to record on and using his Casio MIDI keyboard as a midi controller. 


Pete Adams aka Paragon Theory 

Pete is an  Audio and Video Artist. Pete was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1978. His parents moved to Louisville,KY when he was an infant. Pete went back to Minneapolis on his way to the west coast in the summer of 2005.


Paragon Theory will be Experimental,Electro Synth Music. Pete does not  believe there is a such thing as "too much experimental" Pete's music is Avante-Garde. Art is supposed to be risky, it is expression.



Reason 5.5
Cool Edit
Adobe Audition
Fruity Loops
Tons of VST and VSTi plugins

M-Audio Keystation 25(2)
Casio Full Midi Keyboard (2)
Digitech SP500
Various of other effects
Boss RP-2 Loop Pedal
Drum Synth
Drum Machine



From 2008-2010 Pete was involved n a Blue Rock Band named Twist of Fate. We had several gigs, but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control we have disbanded. Pete is hoping to get collaborate with a buddy of from Chicago this summer when he moves back to Evansville. 

Pete mainly plays bass, but has also ventured into playing drums and gutiar also. Paragon Theory is a solo project name. Pete was going by the name DJ Organic, which he thought was pretty cool, but for some reason there are more than FOUR DJ Organic's and it just did not seem original anymore.