Indiana State Representative

Matt Hostettler

District 64 

He is a lot better than his opponent. KEEP  Indiana Great.

Dale Mallory must NEVER hold public office. Dale is psychotic. It would not be good for the state of Indiana if Dale were to hold public office. 

For example, He KNEW hounding someone I know about getting a moped after they said  they were not interested in getting a moped made them upset, so he would still bring it up despite the fact that it made them upset. He did it because it made them upset, he wanted them to become upset, it brought him joy when this person got upset and unhappy, that is psychotic.  And then he put the blame on them for getting mad, like it was wrong of them to get mad about it.

Dale Mallory is psychotic and mentally unfit to hold any public office. It would be very bad news for The state of  Indiana and the United States if he was elected. 



"The Orange Toad is Toast"  newest album to be released in 2024

In February of 2009 my band Twist of Fate went to Premier Recording Studio in Newburgh Indiana and recorded a 3 song demo, two covers and our original Shot Gun Blues , written by yours truly along with  Ansyn Strickland  Branden Morgan and  Steven Ricer 

1.Shotgun Blues (original)


3.Cowboy Rides away

Thank you Nick Hamilton @ Premier Recording

You can listen to these songs  Here

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